The technology for crop monitoring.

Know when and how much to water. Prevent plagues and diseases. Save resources.

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How does it work?

Agroop Cooperation, a software for more accurate decisions

Agroop Cooperation e Stoock

A collaborative app where you can monitor and analyze your crops any time you want. For smartphone, tablet or computer.

Stoock, a compact and versatile

Agroop Cooperation e Stoock

Stoock is a multi-sensor that monitors your crops 24 hours a day. It measures soil temperature and humidity at several depths, air temperature and humidity, and solar radiation.

What can you do?

Agroop Cooperation e Stoock
Agroop Cooperation e Stoock
Agroop Cooperation e Stoock
Agroop Cooperation e Stoock

Monitor water needs and know when and how much to water your crops.

Prevent the appearance of plagues, diseases, and fungi.

Centralize and analyze production and crop quality factors.

Get reports on current weather and forecasts.


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